Terms of service

If you use this system and OKUIBUKI KANKO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“ our company ”), you agree to each section of this description if you“ apply for a ski / snowboard loan ” It is considered that it was done.

Consent form

About lift ticket web reservation

  1. Please receive a lift ticket at the local receiver after confirming the ticket type, number of sheets and charges purchased.
  2. The lift ticket security will be refunded at the time of revival ticket return. (Only winter business period only)
  3. If you lose and damage the lift ticket, you will not refund the deposit money.
  4. This card resale, replication, forged or using it is prohibited by law.
  5. This ticket is only used by the same person.
  6. Skiing and snowboarding are sports for nature. For your safety, follow the rules on the slopes and glide at your own risk.

Ski / Snowboard Rental

  1. I am using the product to be borrowed [Ski] [Snowboard] is a dangerous sport, and the use of products is recognized that the risk of injury etc. is accompanied by injury.
  2. I have a system consisting of skis / boots / binding, but in any circumstances, it is not always released, and it is impossible to predict all the situation to be released We understand that we do not guarantee the safety of the user in skiing.
  3. For the selection, mounting, maintenance, adjustment or use of the product to be borrowed, or for damage damage to the user or third party body and property related to these, I work or It does not matter on the management employee and responsibility. All responsibility for these damage and damage is that I (user) himself.
  4. Rental equipment is responsible for managing, returned, lost or damaged, will be damages.

Ski classroom / Snowboard classroom reservation

  1. On the ski classroom / Snowboard classes, I will be aware of other customers and instructors.
  2. For safety guidance from the instructor before and lessons, I will keep in mind that I will safely hear the lesson.
  3. When the disaster / accident (injury etc.) occurs, the initial lifes rescue and acts according to the instructor's instructions.

About reservation reservation of restaurant

  1. We do not conduct occupancy actions beyond the reservation time and reservation location regarding the restaurant seat reservation.
  2. The restaurant understands that other customers are the same as the same way, and other customers' s sunning acts and ideas are used.
  3. If a restaurant is used in disasters, accidents (injury etc.) and disaster measures, we will act according to the attending instructions, such as moving seats and opening the reservation location.

About the handling of personal information

About the handling of personal information

The following is accepted, cancellation, or other management of reservations using the Internet when using this facility at the Grandno Mukobuki WEB reservation system ( https://www.okuibuki.co.jp/ ) It has been handled with information.

About our personal information protection policy

Among the user information, those corresponding to personal information defined in the law on protection of personal information are described in the contents of this page, and the following personal information protection policy for personal information separately defined by the Company applies Please refer to it. ( https://www.okuibuki.co.jp/policy/ )

About the information to be acquired

We will acquire the following information when the user uses the booking system. If you can not agree, you can not use this reservation system.

Information to get purpose of use
Name (Kanji / Kana / English) For reservoir and target person identification
Birthday For age confirmation associated with price judgment
sex For size determination of rental articles etc.
address For notification of reservation information
telephone number For notification of reservation information
Email User identification and notification of reservation informationtion
password For user identification
Height, weight, level type For size determination of rental articles etc.
People, time, quantity To determine the fee for your reservation content

About consent to personal information handling

Please understand the contents of this page for the use of the booking system. Users are considered to have agreed to the contents of this page at the stage of acquiring an account for using the reservation system.