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Terms of service

If you use this system and OKUIBUKI KANKO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“ our company ”), you agree to each section of this description if you“ apply for a ski / snowboard loan ” It is considered that it was done.

Consent form

"About lift ticket Web reservation"
1. Please check the type, number and price of the ticket to be purchased, and then pick up the lift ticket at the local receiving machine.
2. The deposit of the lift ticket will be refunded when the lift ticket is returned. (Winter business period only)
3. If the lift ticket is lost or damaged, the deposit will not be refunded.
4. Resale, duplication, counterfeiting or use of this card is prohibited by law.
5. This ticket can only be used by the same person.
6. Skiing and snowboarding are sports for nature. For your safety, follow the rules on the slopes and glide at your own risk.

"About ski / snowboard rental"
1. I recognize that skiing and snowboarding, where the borrowed products are used, are dangerous sports, and the use of the products involves the risk of accidents such as injury.
2. I can't always release a ski / boot / binding system, or under any circumstances, and it's impossible to predict all situations that should be released And understand that it does not guarantee the safety of the user while skiing.
3. Due to the selection, installation, maintenance, adjustment or use of the product I borrow I am not liable to the ski resort or its management employees for any damage or damage to the user or any third party's body or property that occurs in connection with them. All about Will be the responsibility of myself (user).
4. Rental equipment will be managed and returned responsibly and will be compensated if lost or damaged.

"Reservation of ski / snowboard lesson"
1. When attending a lesson in a ski / snowboard lesson, we will refrain from any acts or behaviors that disturb other customers and instructors.
2. Safety instruction from the instructor before and during the lesson Listens to the lessons in a safe manner.
3. In the unlikely event of a disaster or accident (injury, etc.), we will follow the instructor's instructions to give priority to lifesaving. .

"Reserving food court seats"
1. We do not occupy food court seat reservations beyond the reservation time or place.
2. Understand that food courts are used by other customers as well. , We will use it in a way that is annoying to other customers.
3. If the food court is used for disasters, accidents (injuries, etc.) or disaster countermeasures, move seats or make reservations. Act according to the attendance instructions, such as opening the place.