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Member registration

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Terms of service

If you apply for a school reservation between a user of this system and Okubuki Kanko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company), you agree to the terms of this description I will consider it.

Confirmation / Consent Form

1. There is no mistake in the entry (data) on the application form.

2. I know that skiing and snowboarding can be life-threatening and risk harm to others. Participants must fully understand the dangers of skiing and snowboarding and the severity of nature.

3. I am healthy and have no health or injuries affected by the training.

4. I respect the precautions for attending school and the rules of conduct at ski resorts, and I do all skiing at my own risk.

5. I am an accident caused by my carelessness during the course, an accident caused by factors that cannot be avoided beyond the teacher's danger prevention action, an accident caused by equipment or facilities, etc., myself or a third party Will not be liable to the school or its managers or teachers for any damage or damage to the body or property of the school.

* By applying for the course using this system, the confirmation or consent of the person or family is obtained.