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Member registration

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About the handling of personal information

The following is the facility at GRANSNOW OKUIBUKI WEB Reservation System ( https://www.okuibuki.co.jp/ ) It defines the handling of information related to reception / cancellation / other management of reservations using the Internet.

"Our Personal Information Protection Policy"
User information that falls under the personal information defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information is defined in the contents of this page, and the following personal information protection policy regarding personal information separately defined by the Company applies. Please refer to it as well.

"Information to be collected"
We will obtain the following information when you use this reservation system. If you do not agree, you will not be able to use this reservation system.

Information to be acquired purpose of use
Name (Kanji / Kana / English) For identification of reservation person and rental person
Birthday For age confirmation with rate judgment
sex To determine the size of rental items
Street address For notification of reservation information
phone number For notification of reservation information
Email For user identification and notification of reservation information
password For user identification
Height, weight, skill level, type To determine the size of rental items
Number of people / time / quantity To determine the charge for the reservation

"Consent to Handling Personal Information"
Please use this reservation system after understanding the contents of this page. Users will be able to use the contents of this page once they have acquired an account to use this reservation system. Is considered to have agreed.